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Step into our tranquil studio nestled amongst the trees and let us transform your body and mind with our proven fitness programmes.

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Our classes are designed to build functional muscle, agility and stamina. We’ll get you lean, strong, and feeling great in no time.

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Join a friendly, inclusive environment open to all ages and levels of fitness.

We are Bodyweight Fitness Crew.

With a focus on healthy living and an inclusive approach to training, we strive to instill a healthy balance between work and play. We participate in supporting the community through charitable events. Bodyweight Fitness Crew is more than just a fitness system, it’s a lifestyle.

What we’re about.

The Bodyweight Fitness Crew programmes consist of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) work-outs, along with yoga-based poses for flexibility. We also include a short meditation session at the end of our work-outs for an overall, integrated training experience.

Our programmes are designed to suit all ages, fitness levels and levels of training experience. Work-outs are split into different levels of intensity to suit everyone.

Situated in Helena Heights in Somerset West, our beautiful outdoor deck is surrounded by nature.

We’ve partnered with Discovery Vitality so you can earn 100 points for every training session with us!

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